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If you have been working in an office, you would have noticed that PDFs are the commonest method of storing and transferring information in a company. Companies often prefer using PDFs due to their ease in creation and the difficulty you get when overwriting them.


In many occasions, you might be finding yourself researching on how to convert your PDF file into other documents such as Microsoft Excel, Word among others.

To help you in getting the right software that can edit your PDF file into the Excel tables and graphs, below is a list of the best PDF to Excel Converters you can use.

Top 8 PDF To XLSX Conversion Software With Offline Version Free Download

  1. Weeny PDF to Excel Converter


Weeny PDF to Excel Converting software is easy to use program superb for PDF to XLS conversions. The software comes with the editing feature whereby you can watermark the file and specify the page you wish to convert. One outstanding feature about the Weeny’s PDF converter is that it not only converts PDF to Excel conversions but also into other formats such as docs, DOCX and PPT. if you are a user and you need a software that is simple to use while giving you the value you are looking for, the Weeny Free Pdf to Excel Converter is the program to use.

For first time users, all you have to do is to click on “add PDFs” icon then select the file you wish to convert and press the OK button. Once all this is done, you can click on “Convert Now” button the and your Excel file will be ready in minutes. After performing the conversion, one observation clients note is the retained quality of the document.

To our readers, we can broadly request you to download the free software and try out for a personal experience then give it a review.

  1. UniPDF PDF To XLSX Converter


Users of PDF to Excel converters often look for software that is fast in file uploads, accurate and reliable. With UniPDF Pdf to Excel converter, it comes with a seamless transition while uploading the files hence maintaining the quality of the final file. UniPDF is one robust software secure from third parties who might want to steal your information.

The program works well on windows giving more services such as PDF to Word, image, HTML and text conversions. First timers who download the program are given free 3-page conversion where they can later purchase the paid version to enjoy more conversions.

Users planning to get the best PDF to Excel Converting software should always check on a secure application offering the value for their money. Good thing the UniPDF software offers all!

  1. TalkHelper PDF to Excel Converter


When you want a software that listens to the need of the users, then the TalkHelper PDF to ExcelConverter comes first. The software comes with an intuitive UI making the conversion faster for a scanned PDF or native file into an editable Excel file.in just a few seconds, the TalkHelper PDF to Excel converting software can accurately convert at the same time retaining the charts, tables, columns, forms and images at their original state.

Such features boost the software into our list of the best PDF to Excel converting program clients should download. Apart from having excellent fine features, the application is easy to use and with straight forward instruction to any new user. The app is ideal for school projects, work stations, and personal projects.

  1. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional


In our research, we never go wrong when endorsing the best programs to use. Our research is top-notch helping users shop for the software that performs the intended purpose at ease. Among our top picks is the ISkysoft PDF editor six professional.

It is a premium software performing the task of converting the PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. If you have happened to have used other software before, using iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 professional becomes too easy to use. Not only does the software convert the PDFs into XLSX but also saves the file in the Excel spreadsheet format. The premium version of the iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 professional allows you to highlight the pages you plan to convert and save.

The iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 professional is also OCR integrated which supports the creation of PDF tables and conversion of specific tables in the PDF.

  1. Adobe PDF to Excel Converter


Adobe Acrobat is a popular brand that has been renowned over the years for offering robust services. When it comes to the PDF to Excel conversion, the software never goes wrong. The software easily transfers the PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet which can then be saved. Besides, the software allows users to select the preferred pages needed for the conversion and ignore the rest of the pages.

One main reason why people opt to use the Adobe Acrobat PDF to Excel converting software is the easiness to use the tools and the quality of the output. Adobe PDF to Excel converting software is a reliable program you can use in your work or school assignments. The program is specially designed to be used for windows though very compatible with web browsers and mobile phones.

  1. Nitro PDF to Excel Converter


Most PDF to Excel converters come into two versions; the online version and the window’s desktop application. The online version is the most preferred version users opt to use since it’s free to use and easy to use. This software allows you to import PDFs before converting them into the Excel spreadsheet.

Whether you want the Nitro software to convert the PDF to Excel or into other formats such as the Word and Powerpoint, this software ensures you enjoy all those services. On all the clients who use the Nitro PDF to Excel converter, all give positive feedback on how the texts are converted properly.

Once converting the PDFs the software emails you the output quickly and accurately. For the first users of the program, it’s important to note that the software only supports five files per month on the free version.

  1. PDF Suite Pro


The best PDF to Excel converting software the program that can effectively carry out the conversion and bring satisfaction to the users. The PDF suite Pro is a perfect example of a software that has over the years delivered what the users need. It has simple editing features ideal for first timers and just general PDF to Excel conversions.

Consequently, the software supports six languages ensuring you get outstanding results unlike other PDF to Excel converting software.  The reason why you should leave the rest of the programs and go for Office suite converter is that when you are on a hurry to deliver the output and the deadline is hitting you, the software can be accessed from the phone and you carry out the conversion with ease.

  1. Cogniview PDF2XL


Sometime back, people were spending loads of hours importing information from the PDF to the Excel spreadsheets with a lot of difficulties. The development of PDF to Excel converting software has eased the work and maintained the neatness.among the most preferred PDF to Excel converting software is the Cogniview PDF to Excel program.

The program can convert large pages and files at a go and at a short time. For example; 500 pages can be converted in a minute. The app also supports other languages and can even import information from the Comma Separated Values(CSV).


The software you prefer to use for your conversion, ensure it matches all that you want. The program that fits what you is what we consider the best PDF to Excel conversion. In the above list, the software you decide to choose may never fail in there!

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